Center for the Treatment of Dental Implant Complications ®

Center for the Treatment of Dental Implant Complications ®

Implant Repair

Implants have a high predictability of success, ranging from 90-95% success rate. As the number of implants placed worldwide exceeds over 1 million, highly trained specialists have developed methods to treat the relatively small number of complications and failures.
Dr. Stuart J Froum, Dr. Melnick and Dr. Weinstein are experts in treating implant issues. The approach of treating these complications requires experience and knowledge for successful treatment. Dr. Stuart J Froum is the editor of the book Dental Implant Complications, Etiology, Prevention, and Treatment (first (2010) and second edition (2016)) which which is the “go to” guide used in many dental schools and private practices. Dr. Stuart J Froum specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of all types of implant problems. He has authored and written numerous papers and textbooks on implant problems and is considered to be one of the leading practitioners in this field.
Pre treatment- bone loss on
the distal of the implant
post treatment- bone
augmented utilizing laser
LANAP approach

The Experts

If you have been told to seek a second opinion regarding bleeding, pain, gum swelling, aesthetic concerns, bone loss or inflammation around an implant(s), it is important to see the most accomplished leaders in the field.
There are various techniques such as grafting and laser stimulation (LAPIP®) for treating implant complications. Following a detailed diagnostic process, we will decide which protocol is ideal for your particular situation.

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