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Maintaining Healthy Gums

Healthy gums is the foundation of maintaining perfect oral health and keeping your smile for a lifetime.  Unfortunately, the gums and hard tissue supporting your teeth are as prone to developing disease as your teeth.  As a periodontist, Dr. Weinstein and his team specialize in the health of your gums and bone that support your teeth.  With advanced training in procedures such as LANAP and the Pinhole procedure, Dr. Weinstein confidently provides both non-invasive as well as surgical options to treat periodontal disease.

Gum Treatments

  • Scaling and Root Planing

    The most common treatment, scaling and root planning enables our hygienists to complete a thorough cleaning of the plaque and calculus that causes periodontal disease. Scaling and root planning removes your bacterial plaque and the toxins they produce. It eliminates the infection and irritation you are feeling in your gums and keeps the tooth bones intact, which gives you a fresh and healthy smile.
  • Direct Delivery Antibiotics

    In addition to scaling and root planning, we may place antibiotics that prevent bacteria growth and help promote healthy gum tissue.

  • Surgical Treatment

    In some cases, where periodontitis has effected the surrounding bone, surgical treatment may be required to maintain your smile.

    [/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title="Our Approach to Treatment" style="square_outline" color="blue" el_id="1495744413522-2c8c6f8a-fa24"]Our team offers patients a judgement free approach in which we partner with patients and referring dentists to restore your oral health.  Once we achieve optimal health we continue our partnership to insure that we maintain optimal health.

Laser Assisted Re-attachement Therapy

Dr. Weinstein has also integrated the Periolase laser into his practice.   For patients with moderate to severe gingivitis or periodontitis the Periolase can be used to perform the LANAP procedure. LANAP uses lasers operated at unique wavelengths to target and kill the bacteria in diseased tissues, without harming healthy tissue.  Compared with traditional surgical procedures, LANAP, shortens gum therapy from months to weeks, and significantly reduces discomfort.

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