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Implants from the Leader New York City

Dental implants are the best treatment to replace missing teeth.  Whether you are missing one tooth or multiple teeth, implants provide you the look and feel of your natural teeth without disrupting any of the surrounding healthy dentition.  Implants offer a permanent, fixed solution, so you’re teeth can stay where they belong – in your mouth.

Dr. Weinstein is a leader in implant placement in New York City.  In addition, he is a pioneer in placing ceramic implants, which can lead to better healing and esthetics than traditional titanium implants.

Along with his skilled team, he has been placing implants for over 20 years. in his comfortable and convenient Upper East Side practice.  Whether your seeking to replace one tooth or would like a permanent solution that replaces a full denture,  Dr. Weinstein partners with general dentists and other specialists to deliver the best esthetics and function for a smile that will last

Advanced 3D Technology for Precise Results

In the past decade, 3D visualization technology has made implant placement more accurate and precise.  Dr. Weinstein was an early adapter to this currently preferred technology for implant placement. Together with your restorative dentist, Dr. Weinstein can view your jaw in 3D, and plan exactly where to place your implants to deliver optimal esthetics and the best long-term results.  Patients having implants placed with 3D imaging technology can expect quicker placement, better healing, and less discomfort.  Dr. Weinstein and his team are continually attending advanced education courses and seminars to provide patients the most up-to-date implant care.

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