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Cosmetic Treatments For a More Youthful and Radiant Smile

While your teeth may be the focal point of your smile, your gums frame your teeth and can significantly change the look of your smile.   Having excessive gum tissue, for example, can make your teeth look small.  Or, too little gum tissue surrounding the teeth can have the opposite effect.  The cause of too little or too much gum tissue varies from periodontal disease to simple biologic or genetic causes.

Dr. Weinstein can determine and treat the root cause of the problem.  In addition, Dr. Weinstein enhances the gums and/or jaw bone to create a more pleasing smile using the following procedures:

Cosmetic Treatments

  • Soft Tissue Graft

    Where a crown lengthen is indicated when too much gum tissue surrounds the tooth, a soft tissue graft is indicated when not enough gum tissue surrounds the tooth.  This means that the root of the tooth is exposed.  The tooth may appear too long in length.  During a soft tissue graft, a small portion of tissue is moved into the area that requires the graft.  The area will heal seamlessly, leaving a natural smile and your teeth protected.

    While a soft tissue graft can be completed for cosmetic reasons, there are several health increased oral health and concerns related to gingival recession.  A patient with exposed roots may experience heightened temperature sensitivity.  Also since the exposed root of the tooth doesn’t have protective enamel covering its surface, it is more susceptible to cavities and tooth decay.  In some cases, decay may lead to tooth extraction.

  • Crown Lengthening

    Crown lengthening is used to correct teeth that appear too short.  This can occur when the tooth is a healthy, normal length, but the surrounding support tissue grows too high and “blocks” the crown of the tooth from showing in your smile.  During this procedure, the gum and bone is adjusted- The result – a visible crown and a healthy, radiant smile.
  • Bone Graft

    Bone grafting may be required when a tooth has been extracted.  Bone grafting maintains the shape of the ridge and jaw bone, which can deteriorate after tooth loss. Bone material (either human, bovine, or synthetic) is placed in or around the extraction site.  The cosmetic effects of a bone graft are best scene at the end of treatment, as bone grafting enables better and more accurate placement of implants, and better fitting prostheses.