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More Collaboration for Better Patient Outcomes

We know referral choices are important to your ongoing relationships with your patients.  We work collaboratively with you to ensure seamless continuity of care and make sure you are well informed as treatment progresses.

Our approach is to help your patients to keep their natural teeth, avoid further gum infections and discomfort, and improve their overall dental health.  We will develop a range of treatment options leading to comprehensive treatment plans that provide the best chance for improvement in their periodontal health and best meet individual needs.

My commitment to you is to meet your patient’s periodontal and implant needs in a timely, professional, and comfortable manner. Your patient will then return to your office for preventative recall appointments once treatment is completed, helping you to finish and maintain any reconstructive work we have done.

We seek to become your  trusted resource who will help your patients receive the best long-term benefits of complex periodontal care.  We look forward to partnering with you!