Dentists Refer Their Patients
to Dr. David Weinstein

Our Practice Philosophy

My commitment to you is to provide your periodontal and implant needs in a professional, timely and comfortable manner. When you leave the office, you’ll feel better, and have all your questions answered about your periodontal health.

My philosophy is simple. I am committed to preserving the health, function and appearance of your natural teeth utilizing the best possible periodontal and dental implant therapy and to keeping you comfortable during the process.

Why Dr. Weinstein

Dentists Choose Dr. Weinstein

Dr. Weinstein partners with both general dentists and specialists to ensure the best case outcomes.  Dr. Weinstein and his team regularly communicate with referring dentists in both the planning and post-treatment phases of care. He and his team also work with referring doctors to provide optimal treatment and the required follow-up to maintain patients’ oral health .

Patients Prefer Dr. Weinstein

Dr. Weinstein and his experienced team put patients at ease by making even the most complex dental procedures appear simple.  His precision and attention to detail enable him to deliver outstanding clinical outcomes with the best prognoses. Both Dr. Weinstein and his team are readily available by phone or email and take great care to follow-up with each patient.

Why Our Practice Is Different


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